Surgicorp is a company offering surgical, biological products and medical equipment of last generation and high complexity, transferring technology to the medical community in the areas of health: Neurosurgery, osteobiologic, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, General Surgery, Uro & Gynecology and Biomedical Equipment.


We are committed to health and the international training of surgeons to transfer the latest medical technological advances that allow the treatment and cure of diseases of high complexity.


With the long term goal: to become the benchmark of medical solutions - effective surgical, through innovation and independence at the service of the specialist physician.



"To be the leader company in the next-generation biomedical solutions"


Surgicorp is a private company that creates value for the specialist, by providing them with the latest technology available, all existing knowledge and the best possible service. The aim is that the work of these specialists is easy, simple and satisfying, achieving better clinical results and being more beneficial for the patient and society as a whole.


To do this, innovation guide the work of the company in all its dimensions. This includes the products offered to its customers. To achieve important innovations have, Surgicorp understood to be and remain independent against any stranger to self-interest entity clients.



Customer care



All our work areas with deep customer orientation. The main objective is to make the experience of the surgeon and specialist easier and more satisfying. To achieve this, Surgicorp not only has the best products, but it offers an excellent service by professionals with a high level of training and full availability.

We offer innovative products and solutions based on the constant effort to seek the best alternative to doing things without following the lead of others.

Surgicorp working to make it right. Without regard to outside interests, only guided by customer satisfaction for the good of society and his own conscience.

Contact Information

Call Center: (511) 275-2508


Caminos del Inca 1767, Surco. Lima - Perú


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