Aequalis Fractura (Fracture shoulder prosthesis)

For its unique and specific design, stem fracture Aequalis is designed to reduce the problems of situation, fixing and consolidation of the tuberosities.


Aequalis fracture prosthesis is designed to optimize the situation and the consolidation of the tuberosities.

The aim of the hemi-arthroplasty in displaced fractures of the upper extremity of the humerus is secure and lasting anatomical reconstruction.


This includes:


- A special design studied for fracture cases: medial neck lifting, flat side.


- An excellent stability and precise location of the prosthesis.


- A reproducible technique of osteosynthesis of the tuberosities.


Instrumentation situation


The instrumental specific situation for Aequalis fracture has a dual function: to stabilize the prosthesis and help the surgeon to accurately measure the height and retroversion of the implant.


Short clip grafts


The short clip cancellous grafts can take the humeral head with the same dimensions of the metaphyseal window.

Clamp technique tuberosity Pro Pascal Boileau.


Detachment and migration of tuberosities are the most common complications in shoulder arthroplasty in cases of fracture. The quality of the sutures and the technique of placing the tubers are crucial. The synthesis technique described tuberosity by Professor Pascal Boileau, permitting simpler and better reproducibility of this reconstruction.


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