DBS (Brain stimulator)

Deep brain stimulator for treatment of Parkinson's and dystonia, and rechargeable with presentations of unilateral and bilateral generators.


With bipolar stimulation modes and polar monkey with a power delivery constant current, with a maximum depth of 4cm implant.


ECP treatment with sustained


The ECP treatment sustained ™ GII Libra and Libra ™ maintain optimal stimulation for an extended period. In each pulse, the current is monitored and dynamically adjusted to compensate for changes in tissue impedance and maintain the prescribed treatment.


The GII GII LibraXP is the ECP by a margin of at least 40%. With a permissible depth of up to 4,0cm implant, the Libra GII offer great flexibility during the implementation process. LibraXP GII GII ECP is not rechargeable and dual channel thinner sector 4, 5, 6 and is designed with rounded edges to improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of erosion.


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