DURAGEN (Absorbable implant dural defects)



DuraGen Plus ™ Dural Regeneration Matrix is an absorbable implant for repair of dural defects.

Quick Tools it’s easy to handle, soft, white, flexible, porous collagen matrix. Sterile single use is provided.

Duragen Dural Regeneration Matrix Plus ™ is indicated as a substitute for dural repair.


Instructions for use


- Duragen Plus ™ comes in a twin pack, open the outer package, the interior package is sterile and may be placed in the sterile field


- Rinse surgical gloves, if necessary to remove any dust before touching the product.


- Take the product package aseptic technique to not crush the matrix


- DuraGen Plus ™, when dry can be cut to the desired shape, but must be large enough surplus least one centimeter. Apply on dry side to the brain and then moisten with saline


- DuraGen Plus ™ may be repositioned if necessary, is a graft that does not require sutures.


- The suture is not mandatory, but can be used if desired


- Fibrin glue it can be used to augment the repair, especially if used in the methods of the base of the skull or spinal cord surgery


- Aspiration wound drainage is recommended for 1-3 days after surgery


- Throw away any unused pieces of DuraGen Plus ™



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