NEURAGEN (Repairman nerves)

NeuraGen an absorbable implant is designed for repair of peripheral nerves.


The guide tube is an absorbable implant NeuraGen® to repair peripheral nerve discontinuities.


NeuraGen® provides a protective environment for peripheral nerve repair after injury, and is designed to operate with an interface between the nerve and the surrounding tissue and create a conduit for axonal growth through the space between the nerves.


When hydrated, NeuraGen® is a porous collagen tube easy to handle, soft, flexible and not friable.


Neuragen is simple, safe and easy to use.




- Flexible and durable once rehydrated.


- Efficient alternative to direct suture.


_ The NeuraGen® is made of collagen obtained from the deep flexor tendon of cattle, which is classified according to European standards, as a category C material (no detectable infectivity for boniva spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).


- The bovine tendon is known as one of the purest sources of Type I collagen that is for sale.




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