The OCS2 Ojemann Cortical Stimulator has been specifically designed to simplify procedures for intraoperative stimulation.


Simplifies intraoperative cortical mapping


- Various configurations to choose speed and duration.


- Audible tone to verify the output speed.


- Wide Range of constant current outputs.


- Portable, battery design.


The OCS2 is particularly useful before surgery for epilepsy and cortical intraoperative cortical mapping before incision or inserting depth electrodes in patients with disorders attacks. It has a wide selection of constant current outputs designed for various applications. There are two ranges of output current (0-1 mA and 0-10 mA peak) and two control knobs to adjust the current to any value within these ranges.


The LCD display shows the peak value of the current to the patient. The pulse parameters are easily adjustable in OCS2, for example, a wide range of pulse duration and speed are available to maximize the versatility of OCS2. A polarity switch lets you choose between negative and positive pulse.


A green LED lamp shows the output speed and tone, volume control, indicates that the output is active. The battery level is monitored by a green LED. If the batteries are low, only the back cover is removed by releasing the two screws and 4 9V batteries are changed


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