Vantris Vur

Vantris is a biocompatible tissue-bulking agent, and synthetic non-absorbable for the endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) in children. It is a hydrogel made up of highly deformable, stable and resistant to migration that may be extruded with 23-gauge needles with absolute ease particulates.


Vantris is a substance composed of particles Poliacrilato- polyalcohol copolymer (CPP) immersed in a carrier solution of 40% glycerol. This hydrogel is injected at the junction of the ureter to the bladder in children with VUR. Through a very simple and minimally invasive endoscopic procedure, this gel corrects the anatomy of the vesicoureteral junction, preventing urine flow from the bladder into the kidneys.


Unlike other options, Vantris solves VUR definitively. Once implanted, particles Vantris VUR result in increased tissue volume, generating around a very mild fibrotic reaction: 70 microns thick. Vantris treatment is recommended for children over one year with VUR and can be applied in all cases of VUR


















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